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If you're ready to make changes, we'll share with you a life changing experience - The Alive Process. The Alive Process for curing depression and anxiety is built on a holistic team approach developed through years of successfully helping people, just like you, move forward from suffering, as fast as possible. The Alive Process has helped even the most severe cases of stress, depression and anxiety. We are proud of our high success rate and ongoing results. We are proud to be able to help you wherever you are. Alive is highly regarded for our personalised, supportive and revolutionary approach to total wellbeing. Our approach is refined, accessible, easy to integrate and it works.

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Start dealing with your stress, anxiety and depression today with our full support. We help you get back to living using our natural holistic method for reducing stress, recovering from anxiety and depression and re-creating your best life possible. When you experience tough life periods this offers you a wonderful opportunity for positive change in your life. If you are overwhelmed by what to do simply get in contact with us today to see how we can help.

We offer you a range of mental health recovery options including:

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  • help for stress,
  • help for depression &
  • help for anxiety.

Whatever you are struggling with right now, we can help.  Please call Alive on 1300 557 567 and allow us to guide you through your options for help right now. The Alive Process will provide the relief you've been searching for. Read what others have to say about their life changing experience with The Alive Team Approach to Total Wellbeing...

With the Alive Process, we ensure you have the information, support and motivational tools to live a rich and meaningful life, not just now but permanently. A life filled with health, wellness, calm, joy and contentment. We desperately want to help you excel. We're here to ensure you reach your goals. We're here to make sure you live your best life & find your own personalised wellness recipe. Find out more about the Alive Process...

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We have extensive proven experience helping people achieve wonderful emotional and mental freedom that is empowering and long lasting. Be free from stress, depression and anxiety starting now with our revolutionary approach to outstanding emotional wellbeing and personal empowerment.


'The Alive Process offers more than just wellness. The Alive Process offers a life changing experience and a personalised approach to complete healthy living.'

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